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Strategic Technology Consulting for Government, Healthcare, Education and Business

McClain Consulting solves your technology issues, increases your efficiency, and assures you spend thousands less to get the best technology solutions tailored to your organization. Since our founding in 2004, 100% of our clients have upgraded to enterprise grade hardware and software while actually spending less money, and today their systems simply work... reliably and securely.

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Bricks and Mortar


You will be able to trust your technology

McClain Consulting clients have rock solid infrastructures based on business grade components that are configured properly. This results in stable systems that are reliable and that last for years.


All your technology (and vendors) now serve you in harmony

McClain Consulting integrates all your different hardware, software and vendors. No more finger pointing or issue avoidance, and increased responsiveness and accountability.

Dollar Bills


Get the best tools for less money

McClain Consulting DOES NOT SELL ANYTHING. While all of our clients ask us to both spec and procure their technology, we don't profit on the products and services we buy on their behalf. Instead, we negotiate with the vendors to get the best price possible,  and never let a vendor pad their profits at our clients' expense. Due to the huge volume of hardware and software we purchase, we always get the lowest price for our clients. Our business model is based on really happy clients who write as small a check as possible for their technology needs.

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Since 2004, we've never advertised and we've been very fortunate to serve a wonderful group of clients. McClain Consulting has staff in Hannibal and Chesterfield, MO, but serves clients throughout the Midwest. Due to the nature of the services we provide and the technology upon which the world operates, geography isn't a big deal.

Our new clients are typically referrals, and while we do not accept all referred business, we will take on new clients if there is a good match. We meet with prospective clients and evaluate whether their needs and standards match our services and standards. If there appears to be a match, and if our schedule allows, then we can move forward.

As clients include law enforcement agencies, municipal courts, county prosecutors, county public administrators, State and Federally Insured banks, schools and medical clinics, McClain Consulting has access to and responsibility for sensitive information.

Mr. McClain has been formally trained in Federal HIPAA compliance, has been fully vetted by the FBI and Homeland Security (including fingerprint registration), and most recently has been approved through the State of MO CyberDefenses Election Security Assessment.

Mr. Gordon is an expert in Enterprise Security, Backup and DR solutions. Mr. Gordon maintains a Top Secret classification with the NSA and other government agencies. 

Simply put, honesty and discretion is to be expected in our service to you.

We provide only the services that we excel at. We will never accept a task that we have neither the training nor the desire to perform. For example, we don't program, nor do we run cabling. On the other hand, we can screen, hire and manage programmers and cabling providers to make sure they are meeting their obligations and are not deceiving or defrauding our clients. In cases where we are asked to manage the entire scope of a project, we will manage the other vendors and we make sure that our clients' needs and expectations are met and exceeded.

We work at our clients' pleasure. No contracts are required.

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